Data security policy

Your safety is our highest priority

Your data is in safe hands with us

At Customer Agency, we are fully dedicated to protecting our customers’ personal data and we comply with all applicable data protection laws, including GDPR.

The safety of our customers is essential to our cooperation and we only collect information that is necessary to carry out our work. We always ensure that personal data are processed in accordance with the applicable legislation, as well as with transparency and respect.

Customer Agency A/S, Rahbeks Allé 21, DK-1801 Frederiksberg C, Denmark ( CVR 37249459), are responsible for managing, storing and processing your personal data.

What is personal data

Customer Agency will administrate company, location of the company, name, position and e-mail address, which is referred to as “personal data”.

The purpose of personal data processing

The data is used to understand where improved performance by our clients will refine and reinforce the business relationship our client have to their customers.

Who has access to your personal data

Only trusted employees of Customer Agency are granted access to your personal data for the purpose of processing your personal data in accordance with the aforementioned purposes.

Storage and deletion of your personal data

Customer Agency will only store your data with the purpose of making analyses and will store the data as long as it is analytically relevant and never more than seven years. You may refer to your invitation for more details.

Access, rectification or deletion of your personal data

You are at any time welcome to contact Customer Agency and request access to a transcript of the personal data, which Customer Agency has stored, and to rectify your personal data or to request deletion of your personal data.

Any request as to the deletion, rectification or access to your personal data must be directed to:

Location of server

Your personal data will be stored and processed on servers located within the European Union and only at approved data processors.

Amendments to policy

Customer Agency may, at its discretion, revise and update this Policy and Consent from time to time. Revised versions will be posted at this link.




Any requests or queries may be directed to: Customer Agency A/S in writing to Jens Kristian Rasmussen on the following email

Version Number: 2
Approval Date: 05/11/2022
Approved by: Torben Degn, CEO
Customer Agency A/S