Automated customer insights in CRM

Individual customer insights elevate business

When customer insights are not only about getting a status, but about elevating business it is pivotal that the insights are brought to life and made available internally in the organisation. Customer analyses and insights in B2B companies has the most value, when they made non-anonymous. A legitimate approach that adds value and that the customers feel 1:1.

With proper follow-up on the individual customer insights, we have provided documented effects of the fact that individual follow-up on customers feedback on customer analyses can elevate growth rates on individual customers with an average impact of two digit percentages. This is compared to the customers where no follow-up is executed. It is – of course – a prerequisite that the follow-up is performed in a professional manner and based on best practices which are included in the solution.

Easy to do the right thing

CRM systems are great catalysts for individual customer insights, and the integration between customer analyses and CRM can be pushed internally as a ‘one window to reality’ with a mindset of making it easy for the organisation to access, use and follow-up on customer insights at an individual customer level. In other words, the solution makes it easy for the organisation to do the right thing.

Effective implementation

With our updated API solution Customer Agency enables a quick and effective implementation of the automated process of customer analyses flowing continously into the existing CRM system.

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