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Data-driven customer analysis

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Is there a checklist for improving your customer experience – and customer satisfaction – as well as your NPS? Our customer surveys and analyses provide fact-based answers and a customer-centric activity plan to achieve your goals.

6 Steps to Growth

A transformative process

We translate customer analyses into specific operational initiatives. By analysing customer readiness, customer journeys and customer experiences, we design a customer-centric development programme that we call 6 Steps to Growth.

1. Assess customer readiness

How ready is your organisation for focused change that strengthens customer readiness?


Measure your customer readiness, defined by four organisational themes
Translate the measurement into real numbers that express the impact of your customer practices
Compare your customer readiness index with our customer readiness benchmark
Analyse your customer practices and diagnose any organisational barriers to customer readiness
Identify targeted drivers to achieve mutual understanding, a stronger customer culture, and lasting customer readiness

2. Map the customer journey

Do you know about the customer journey process? And how it affects customer experiences?

This mapping clarifies where and when on the customer journey you can gain business value by improving your customer experience through differentiating your products and/or services.


Map your customer journey based on employee knowledge and customer interviews
Give you a visual overview covering the various stages of the customer journey
Identify customer touchpoints and needs at all stages
Highlight how all functions in the company contribute to the customer journey
Articulate what creates value for customers at each touchpoint

3. Analyse key drivers for differentiation

Do you know and understand your customers’ needs and behaviour?

The customer journey is crucial for customer insight. When you know and understand customer needs and behaviours, you can differentiate your company through extraordinary customer experiences.

We give you insight into customer needs across the customer journey to ensure that, going forward, your customer strategy is based on facts.

We design the survey and monitoring of the customer journey to suit your specific needs, with one specific touchpoint in focus perhaps, a spotlight on NPS, competitiveness in relation to a specific competitor, or ongoing analysis of the total customer journey to ensure a steady course and optimisation.

4. Prioritise initiatives

Does your resource spending match its impact?

Based on the benchmarks and knowledge of customer experiences identified by mapping and analysing the customer journey, we assess the expected effect of relevant initiatives.

These initiatives are prioritised to balance resource spending and its impact. Together, we assess the organisation’s readiness to execute individual initiatives.

5. Concretise actions

Can you create a more customer-centric culture? 

We concretise the prioritised efforts in a detailed and operational implementation plan across the organisation’s functions.

We formulate overall customer promises as the cornerstones for your new customer-centric culture, and we set internal and external performance indicators to measure the effects of the initiatives.

6. Monitor and develop

Do you need tools to ensure constancy?

Lasting development and value require persistence.

Whether the implemented initiatives have yielded success is evident from your customer experience.

Therefore, customer behaviour must be monitored and, if necessary, one or more tools in the 6 Steps to Growth must be reapplied.

“I can confidently call us pioneers in customer insight for B2B companies.”

Peter Aakjær Jensen
Market Director

Customer Readiness Index


The first step towards customer centricity is to measure the effect of your customer orientation and identify points for improving your customer readiness. By diagnosing your customer practices, including recommendations to catalyse progress, we map your customer readiness here and now.

How we strengthen your customer readiness


The Customer Readiness Index is a concept we developed in collaboration with Copenhagen Business School and the Confederation of Danish Industry. The purpose is to promote both individual and organisational customer readiness – and thereby customer centricity.

To succeed in defining, developing and delivering exceptional customer experiences, your organisation must be ready, and you must be aware, of any obstacles to customer readiness.

We measure how the company performs on four organisational themes that impact customer orientation.

The measurements are translated into real numbers in an index that expresses the effectiveness of your customer practices and customer readiness.

We compile a diagnosis by comparing your customer readiness index with our customer readiness benchmark.

We follow up the diagnosis by analysing your performance and identifying specific drivers that can contribute to mutual understanding, a stronger customer culture and lasting customer readiness.

The customer journey

Stages, touchpoints and value

The customer journey is the backbone of the customer survey, customer focus, customer insight and customer strategy. This focal point is the key to understanding customer needs and thereby increasing your NPS.


We turn insight into initiatives

We map customer journeys based on employees’ knowledge combined with customer interviews.

The result is a visual overview of:

The stages of the customer journey

Customer touchpoints

What creates value for customers at each touchpoint

How all corporate functions contribute to the customer journey

The mapping clearly shows where improving the customer experience during the customer journey can add business value.

Customer insights


Analysing the customer journey provides understanding of customer needs and behaviours – and a fact-based, forward-looking customer strategy that differentiates your company through extraordinary customer experiences.

We design the analysis to suit your needs. For instance, is it relevant to focus on:

A specific touchpoint?


Your competitiveness compared to a specific competitor?

Or would your need for focused and anchored change underline the relevance of monitoring the entire customer journey to ensure a steady course, speed and impact?

Measuring your NPS


Does your customer journey have critical points? Danger signs that require attention and action? Is your NPS score far from the benchmark? And how do strengths and weaknesses affect your competitiveness? Our customer survey gives you a fact-based picture of your current performance.

Targeted customer surveys


We define our customer surveys in loops.

Though all based on the customer journey, the surveys have different purposes. So they can be used separately – or combined – for maximum impact depending on the company’s needs.

Big Loop

Covers all phases of the customer journey.

It is our recommendation that all relevant persons, who are in contact with you, participate. Not only the decision makers. We ensure that the respondents only receive questions that are individually relevant for their touch point with your company.

We analyse the result of the survey and deliver a report with directions and targeted recommendations including specific efforts to improve the customer experience.

Small Loop

Measures the customer experience at specific touch points on the customer journey e.g. if they are critical or defect.

These customer surveys are carried out at a high frequency and can be automated in order to constantly monitor and report on certain activities.

The surveys enable the identification of patterns, trends and warning signs both at a general level as well as for individual customers.

Therefore you can react swiftly and be at the forefront of your customer strategy and design of customer experiences.

Deep Loop

The purpose of Deep Loop is to create a deeper insight into the customers’ needs and experience at a specific touch point.

This customer survey is either carried out as a qualitative or a quantitative survey, and Deep Loop is often an addition to Small Loop.

High agility in the surveys makes it possible to adjust and nuance the questions in the process to ensure an even more accurate result.

Competitor Loop

Measures your competitive power compared to selected competitors.

The scenarios describe strengths, weaknesses and focus points in relation to each of the competitors participating in the survey.

NPS score for you and the competitors
Parameters that are most important to your customers

Activating customer insights


Customer insights only gain value when they are activated. These insights must be activated throughout the organisation when the goal is to drive change and business by improving the customer experience. A common approach to the frame of reference, understanding and implementation is crucial.


Customer-centric activity plan

Based on the customer insights, Customer Agency will facilitate a workshop where selected themes are translated into a plan with specific activities that strengthen performance and fuel lasting change.

The activity plan includes a management tool for:

Internal communication of the strategic value of Customer Centricity

Setting goals for developing customer satisfaction and NPS

Implementing customer centricity across all levels, departments and functions

“Creating a common understanding and direction based on proven facts makes the whole team play better”

Steen Larsen
CEO of Landia

At every level – in every function

All customer insights are relevant. All customer insights must be activated. And that’s why all employees must contribute to improving the customer experience across the organisation.

The activity plan contains a tool for training individual employees to convert customer insights into specific activities.

With a deeper understanding of customers, employees can enhance customer experiences at every touchpoint in the customer journey. It strengthens customer satisfaction and therefore improves customer relations



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