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“It was a WOW experience when I received documentation of the value of every employee contributing to the sales”

Director Kurt Madsen, Leasing Fyn, had an eye opener from a helicopter perspective.



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At management level it has been an eye opener from a helicopter perspective

“I had a thought that all employees – directly or indirectly – contribute to sales. It was a WOW experience when I was presented with the 7 Sales Virtues, and thereby had it confirmed by researchers. That eye-opener has catalysed a 360-degree development process throughout the company.”

Leasing Fyn’s Marketing Manager, Bettina Kristensen, was convinced by one specific reason in particular: The systematic, data-based approach that has made sales a discipline that documents what generates results.

Eye opener for sales as a discipline

“In a company with a high level of seniority and solid, value-creating customer relationships, a bubble of habits can emerge that is shaped by our way of seeing things. External experts – based on documented research – adjusting our habits and views is having a great impact,” emphasises Kurt Madsen, CEO of Leasing Fyn. “But what do our customers say? Do they share our picture of reality?”

Large customer survey accurately documents customer orientation

Leasing Fyn chose to begin its new development journey guided by Customer Agency. With an internal analysis via the unique SalesScoreCard and two

workshops that together pointed in a clear direction, the first step in the execution plan is to clarify the customer journey via a customer survey. “We have conducted qualitative interviews and, on this basis, designed questionnaires that will be sent to all customers and dealers,” explains Marketing Manager Bettina Kristensen.

A new set of sales virtues keeps us together on track

“We had neither the background, knowledge nor resources to run it ourselves. In addition to the scientific foundation adding weight, it also provides direction and guarantees that development needs are identified that have the potential to create value. Once Customer Agency has processed the customer survey, we will host another workshop. Here, we plan to define the common track for how each and every employee – specifically – contributes to sales. This will provide a common understanding while contributing across disciplines and further strengthening the customer orientation”, Kurt and Bettina agree.


Diagnosing sales practices and benchmarking sales practices against other industries.


Overall and prioritised roadmap ready for execution (incl. workshop), and access to ongoing sales inspiration and trends.