Do you know your strengths and weaknesses 1:1 against your competitors?

– Market Strength gives unique insigths


Being good isn’t always enough

Know your real power

We have developed “Market Strength”, a module that can be activated either as a stand-alone tool or connected to an existing survey. Market Strengths shows your relative competitive power in the market 1:1 against your primary competitors.

A visual overview shows your strengths and weaknesses compared to each of your significant competitors defined by you. This way we add substantiated data to your understanding of how your customers perceive your performance on the selected parameters. In addition, you also gain insight into whether you are developing faster or slower than your competitors.

Important knowledge if you want to accelerate ahead of your competitors in the market.

Get started with Market Strength

Our task together with you is to ensure that the dimensions in the questionnaire match those that are most important to the customers when they choose their supplier. Based on our deep understanding of a broad range of B2B sectors, we help you to focus on what is most important to win the customers’ preference.

We can inquire on up to 14 dimensions, and we will of course assist you with the formulation of the dimensions based on questions in our database. We also ensure that the entire customer journey is covered across the 14 dimensions.

Market Strength also includes
  • Relevant NPS benchmarks on the most important competitors
  • Possibility of including individual customer reports