AI revolutionises the processing of qualitative comments from customers

– Torben Degn, CEO at Customer Agency


We have the solution to the challenge

The option to elaborate on customer experiences is integrated in many customer and NPS surveys. Valuable input from the customers, but very time consuming to process. As a result, you rarely get the maximal value from the comments.

We have the solution to this challenge. With AI we are able to categorise up to 80% of all comments as soon as the responses are submitted.

Follow the development of themes over time, and make the complex simple

In addition to instantaneous thematisation, it is also consistent. This makes it possible and relevant to follow the development of themes over time, and makes the open questions a central management tool.

In the past, many resources were spent on the categorisation itself and far too little time on the real value of the insights. We have solved that challenge – and with a simple visualisation, the results are easily accessed and recommunicated.

Other features

  • Incorporation of proper terminologies that match your corporate language
  • Built-in translation module the enables working in all languages
  • Sentiment analysis that divides comments into positive and negative comments
  • Filtering of data on relevant background variables
  • Granulation of data down to each individual respondent