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Sales Excellence anno 2024

March 2024
Future growth requires sales to be considered a joint effort for the entire organisation

In 2023 the share of B2B companies that face challenges in regard to maintaining and increasing sales to existing customers has been on the rise.

Compared to 2022 an additional 12% of companies report that they are challenged when it comes to maintaining sales to existing customers. Further, an additional 10% report that they are challenged when it comes to increasing sales to existing customers.

Several parameters indicate that this trend will continue in 2024, where B2B companies will most likely need to strengthen their commercial focus to realise any ambitions of growth.

Participate at the Sales Excellence 2024 event for inspiration on how to transform your company’s approach to sales in a manner that will enable the entire organisation to elevate their contribution to strengthening growth.


CEOs, Sales and Marketing Executives in B2B companies with growth ambitions for the coming year and who see their existing customers as an important element of realising targets for growth.


20 March 2024 – Copenhagen
21 March 2024 – Aarhus

Future Sales Challenge

May 2024

Winners of Future Sales Challenges will be announced.
The event is free and open to anyone interested in Future Sales.


16 May 2024


Customer Camp

21 September 2023

Once a year, we exclusively invite top executives from our key customers to our Customer Camp. The idea is to accumulate ideas and thoughts that can help define the future of Customer and Commercial Excellence.

Customer Camp is held in the beautiful Louisehøj villa beside Hotel Koldingfjord.

Future Sales Challenge

11 May 2023

Danish premiere of our Future Sales Challenge, where we announce the winners. The event is free and open to anyone interested in Future Sales. Register on (first come, first served).


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