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  • AAK

    "We needed customers to give us candid feedback. It was about really listening and making our customers part of our improvement process"

    President of AAK Europe

    Jan Lenferink

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  • Abena

    "A historically busy period and growth sparked a new corporate strategy and transformation covering the entire sales organisation"

    Divisional Manager at Abena

    Jens Rønn Olesen

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  • APM Terminals

    "By knowing the customer journey in detail, we can stand out precisely where it counts most for our customers"

    CEO of APM Terminals

    Henrik Kristensen

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  • Landia

    "Creating a mutual understanding and direction based on proven facts makes the whole team play better"

    CEO of Landia

    Steen Larsen

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  • Leasing Fyn

    "It was a WOW experience when I was presented with the documented value of all our employees contributing to sales"

    Director of Leasing Fyn

    Kurt Madsen

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  • Lindab

    "We consciously consider and allocate our resources where it really matters for our customers"

    Managing Director of Lindab

    Heino Juhl

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  • Ljungdahl

    "Seeing sales as a profession has added service sales in all areas of our organisation, and it improves the game – for both us and our customers"

    CEO of Ljungdahl

    Thomas Vilmar

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  • Q8

    "When everyone focuses on growth potential and prioritises customers equally, our benefits increase"

    Head of Credit & Collection

    Trine Risager

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    "Your customer experience is a joker you can play – and wipe out other players"

    Sales Excellence Director at STARK Danmark

    Jørn Fogh

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  • Titgemeyer

    "It's easy, it's clear – and everything is documented, so the sales diagnosis results are 100% reliable"

    Director of Titgemeyer Scandinavia

    Steen Borner

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