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“We consciously consider and allocate our resources where it really matters for our customers”

We can see that the most satisfied customers buy most.



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Now we are working on relationships methodically and based on data

“It was very surprising and extremely positive,” Heino Juhl reflects on the first customer survey. “

The survey showed that our customers think we perform far better than we think we do. As management, we engaged in some introspection and had to admit that we were probably slightly too good at focusing on problems and critical cases. That’s why we have chosen to focus more on giving our employees recognition, and our internal self-confidence and pride has grown as a result.”

We’ve had a boost

“We were afraid that external consultants would not be sufficiently down to earth, but Customer Agency was completely on eye level with us. They have added both theory and methods that have given us a boost, and their sparring has been down to earth and useful.”

Touch points with aha effect

“Mapping the touch points seen from outside and inside was an aha experience. It turned out that the DIY stores value personal contact higher than digital touch points. However, customers who configure ventilations

systems online and want to transfer data directly to our web shop were requesting digital assistance. Valuable information that enables us to offer precisely the relationship customers are requesting at the individual touch points.”

Link between satisfaction and earnings

“We can see that the most satisfied customers buy most. We therefore work with goals to improve our customer experience among customers who are slightly less satisfied. In a peripheral area, though, we can live with customers not being entirely satisfied.

Via knowledge of our customers, we can allocate resources precisely where it matters most for our customers’ value creation. We prioritise and communicate this work to our customers. It makes them feel secure – a feeling that will show on the bottom line. Because then customers know we can be trusted, and every day, all our employees show that they are there for our customers.”


Customer surveys, mapping, and surveying the customer journey and touch points


Maximised customer focus, higher NPS plus increased
in-house self-confidence and pride