“It’s easy, it’s manageable – and everything is documented, so the result of the sales diagnosis is 100% reliable”

– Steen Borner, Director at Titgemeyer Scandinavia, has a 360-degree sales-oriented efficiency tool.


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We have a multi-tool we can use again and again

“You can constantly dig deeper and find something more you can do. You can constantly ask yourself: What did we do? How did it go? And is there more we can do? We now have a tool for that. The SalesScoreCard is a multi-tool with 360-degree questions and metrics. Easy. Manageable . User friendly. And 100% reliable, because the result is based on our own responses and documented analysis .”

This is the status of achievements according to Steen Borner, who just had a sales diagnosis carried out, in which everyone in the company participated. “Everyone has an influence on the company results and brand, so I had no doubt that all employees should contribute.”

I was triggered by the analysis, which is boiled down into a set of questions

Steen Borner had already bought the book on Future Sales when he signed up for the DI event to boost B2B sales. “We needed new input for our sales, and it appealed to me that Future Sales is based on research, because it is so delightfully specific.”

When Carsten Rothmann from Customer Agency presented the SalesScoreCard, I was curious. How did our performance compare to the best in the market? Where were we lagging behind? And where were we doing well? A sales analysis could be the perfect pointer and source of more learning. So, I booked a meeting already during the break.”

Everything served up on a silver platter

“Everyone has busy schedules, and no one wants to spend money on programmes and tools that are difficult to use. Fortunately, the process required a minimum of time on our part. We have identified some areas for improvement in our sales. We have launched a customer insight analysis. We are sure that our efforts are based on specific knowledge instead of guesswork. And we have a SalesScoreCard, which we use every Friday to talk about a relevant sales theme .

“I am quite sure that this will mean our brand improves and then we will get more customers who appreciate us as a supplier. So, when I ask my usual question: Has it been worth the time and money? The answer is definitely yes.”


Sales diagnosis via SalesScoreCard and customer insight analysis


Benchmark of sales practices, insight into improvement areas and recommendations for initiatives/roadmap