Future Sales Challenge 2023

Winning case in the “SME” category

CEO Steen Larsen, Head of Sales Lars Erik Nørgaard
and Sales Director Thorkild Maagaard from Landia won the award in the
“SME” category, for the best work on the 7 sales virtues.


After a two-year learning journey, we are doing better everywhere

Steen Larsen calls the work with Future Sales a learning journey, because it centred on finding out what the 7 sales virtues are for each and every employee on the team.

“Initially, the employee groups had different perceptions of Landia. It was exciting to use the tools to define how the respective groups saw each other. Insight into each other gives understanding and a team that can really play together following a common strategy.”

It has spread!

“The more we work with Future Sales, the more it has spread throughout the organisation. At first, we only looked at internal sales, i.e. the chain from the reception’s first contact to the service department’s visit. Later, we connected our Sales Managers with a large customer analysis, where we focused on customer relationships.

The key element in the analysis was to clarify why customers choose to do business with Landia.”

No boot-licker analysis – lots of ambassadors

“It was an eye-opener for the salespeople when Customer Agency presented the results of the analysis. There was praise – but especially truths, suggested improvements and constructive criticism that we can really use.”

Landia has branches in 4 countries but is also represented in 45 countries.

“Around the world, companies are not necessarily as familiar with customer analyses as we use
them here in Denmark. So, for them this was special. They experienced a lot of attention and, as a derivative effect, that has given us a lot of ambassadors.”

Employee meetings with mandatory attendance

During the learning journey, Steen Larsen has met employees who believed that they had nothing to do with sales because they had no customer contact.

“To succeed, everyone on the team has to play along. Team spirit is important. Mutual understanding is important. Knowing what the company’s customers value is fundamental.

And it is also vital that each individual knows their place and value on the team. Attendance was therefore mandatory at the meetings with a maximum of 20 participants, which were facilitated by Customer Agency in the wake of the customer analysis.

Many different factors are crucial for success. For us, the decisive factor has been learning about personal differences and different ways of playing together.”

“With research and fact-based documentation of where the shoe pinches, we initiate and guide a data-driven change process that breaks down barriers and creates openness, understanding and ownership.”

Carsten Rothmann
Chief Commercial Officer


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