“The provocative thing – for most people – is how differently the company’s functions respond to the SalesScoreCard.”

– Carsten Rothmann, Chief Commercial Officer

Sales is a team discipline

Research is specific. Not up for debate. It speaks a language everyone can understand. For example, research says that you can grow your B2B sales by 3–4 times. The source, the Future Sales research project, has designed a systematic formula for B2B sales, and defined the key to growth via 7 sales virtues that separate the best from the crowd. One of the virtues is about contributing across the organisation, so that everyone in the company adds value to sales.

Inspired and provoked

In Future Sales, research and practice are linked. This has resulted in knowledge, documentation – and a specific tool. The testing and diagnostic tool SalesScoreCard benchmarks how your company is performing, including hints on how you can accelerate your sales development.

More than 2,700 companies have taken the test. “I’m sure everyone has been inspired. And I know that some have also felt provoked,” Carsten Rothmann emphasises. “Too often, it comes as a big surprise how differently the individual departments respond.

“Fortunately, provocation can have potential as it creates shared curiosity to find out how the company can create mutual understanding and collaboration with everyone contributing to sales.”

Paradigm shift in sales

Traditionally, a gap has tended to exist between Sales and internal support functions. You are probably familiar with the situation: Sales are tired of not being backed up, and the internal functions are annoyed that Sales promises the moon. We have the solution to this conflict:

“With research- and fact-based documentation of where the shoe pinches, we initiate and guide data-driven change that breaks down barriers and creates openness, understanding and ownership. All employees get involved. Everyone learns to spot growth potential. Everyone knows their contribution to sales. And everyone opens their eyes to the value of the entire chain working together,” Carsten Rothmann promises.

“Styrk samarbejdet på tværs, inddrag hele virksomheden i salget – og øg salgseffektiviteten med 10-15%. Med den samme organisation og uafhængig af branche, virksomhedsstørrelse og markedsgeografi.”

Carsten Rothmann
Chief Commercial Officer

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  • Landia

    "Creating a mutual understanding and direction based on proven facts makes the whole team play better"

    CEO of Landia

    Steen Larsen

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  • Titgemeyer

    "It's easy, it's clear – and everything is documented, so the sales diagnosis results are 100% reliable"

    Director of Titgemeyer Scandinavia

    Steen Borner

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  • Q8

    "When everyone focuses on growth potential and prioritises customers equally, our benefits increase"

    Head of Credit & Collection

    Trine Risager

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  • Leasing Fyn

    "It was a WOW experience when I was presented with the documented value of all our employees contributing to sales"

    Director of Leasing Fyn

    Kurt Madsen

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  • Ljungdahl

    "Seeing sales as a profession has added service sales in all areas of our organisation, and it improves the game – for both us and our customers"

    CEO of Ljungdahl

    Thomas Vilmar

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